by Melinda Burns

For all beings who have ever been wounded, disappointed, who have suffered loss, been a fool, who have let people down, in short, everyone; and especially for artists, poets, writers, and lovers who are losing hope and belief in themselves and what could be... please hear this prayer:

Give us eyes to see through obstacles
to dreams and possibilities and love
always offered if we know
where to look;

Grant us ears to hear the whispers
of encouragement, the sighs
of forgiveness, the song of
unwarranted hope;

Give us the smell of success
on our own terms, the scent of
the right trail, the whiff of
what we most cherish;

Grant us the taste of our own
goodness, the tartness of
empowered defiance, the savouring of
the fruits of our labour;

Give us the touch of consolation,
 the quickening
of desire, the caress
of freedom, the tickle of joy.

May we be whole

May we be true

May we be love

May it be so

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